Elemage ZS-GX6S Camera Customer Q&A

Elemage ZS-GX6S Wireless WiFi Solar Security Camera

Q: How far can the camera reach?
A: 50 feet is a good distance to plan on.


Q: What is the software used with this? Had it on my old phone and need to re-download it.
A: CloudEdge app


Q: Does it record even if not connected to wifi?
A: Yes it does. I have a sd card installed on mine and can go back and review any action recorded while it was offline.


Q: Can I add more cameras?
A: This unit is designed as a standalone system, but you can purchase more and set up a network using the cloud storage app.


Q: What is the range of transmission ? I want to place this by my driveway/road.
A: Depends on your WiFi


Q: By having the SD card inserted, will it record all 24hrs of the day or it just records when motion is detected?
A: This wireless camera is not designed for all day recording,it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, so it only records when it detect motion.But don't worry,the solar camera will be charged during daytime, and stay working even at night when it is full charged,it still can detect abnormal motion at night to keep your home safety.


Q: How long will it work if the solar panel is disconnected?
A: the outdoor security camera can be used for 4 months after being fully charged without solar panel.


Q: If i was to buy 2 cameras can i watch them on the same app? Or do i have to download same app twice?
A: You can watch them on the same app (I have three cameras and only use one app. They have to be the same brand!)

Q: Is the camera waterproof? I have bought the same type of camera and found it to be less waterproof.
A: The solar outdoor camera is IP 65 waterproof,Tested to be more waterproof than similar products.


Q: Can this camera be used without an SD card?
A: Yes, it can, if you only want to watch Live video, then you don't need to have a SD Card in the camera.
However, without a SD Card, the camera won't do any history recording Playback feature, which for me and most others, beats the purpose of having a Security Camera. Having a SD Card is a good investment to make necessary recording for your Album keeping in the forms of either snapshot photos or videos, or both, of any history recording event captured by the camera that you select to save/keep.


Q: Can it be mounted from the top? Want to put it under the edge of roof. Not mounted on the side of house.
A: Yes. I used a small solar panel to add extra battery life to the device too. Mine is mounted under the ledge and it works perfectly.